Moacyr Graça

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Here, there and everywhere

Where do I want to be?
Here or there?
It is not enough to be, I want to be well.
This is what I want: here, there and everywhere.

Here - is where I need to be well.
There - is where I want to be well.
It depends on how is there.
If it is good, I will be well.

Here - it is there for those who aren't here.
I'm here when I'm not there.
When I'm there, there… is my here.
I like to be here and I like to be there.

When I'm here, I want to be there.
When I'm there, I want to be here.
I want many “heres”,“theres” and “everywhere”.
I want to be well… all of the time.

Sometimes I'm here, sometimes I'm there.
Sometimes I'm in, sometimes I'm out.
Sometimes I’m between here and there
Sometimes I'm between there and here.

Sometimes I'm here just to go there.
Sometimes I'm there just to come here.

I'm going.

From here to there, from there to here.
I will go and come back to be well. To be very well.

Until I cannot go.
Until I cannot come.
Until I cannot be well.
Until I cannot be anymore.

Moacyr E. A. Graça - September 05, 2016